The Unending Mire is a cult of Akneth, comprised of reptiles, primarily shape-changing serpentmen. The cult has rather xenophobic attitudes, despising all non-reptilians, looking to cleanse the shifting seas of their presence. Their Queen, Apresah Cheng, spreads her kind throughout the near lands; she lays her eggs on the various shifting mires, leaving behind an adult male to raise and train the hatchlings. Thus, any one of the mires encountered could spawn creatures of the Unending Mire, and the cult spreads throughout the shifting seas.

Presence on AllariaEdit

The Unending Mire played a crucial role installing Akneth's daughter, Moiragrend, in southern Allaria. Cheng herself seduced many of the first Dragonborn to be converted as followers of Moiragrend; it is well known that agents of the Mire continue to work with the ancient dragon to dominate the south of Allaria.

Less well known is that Cheng and her chief advisers use Shule as a base of operations. She keeps Mire activities in the city secret; her loyal shape changers have replaced most of the important city officials.


Apresah ChengEdit

Queen of the Unending Mire, the serpent queen worships Akneth, desiring to be as powerful and influential the black queen herself. As a result, the leadership of the Mire has a female skew as well. She respects Moiragrend, but unlike many of her children, Cheng does not worship the black dragon. In her mind, she is an equal. The large serpent cannot shapeshift, but all of her children can. Stats: Dark Naga - L21 Elite Controller

Phagan EscherEdit

Trusted confidant and mate of Cheng; Escher has sired much of the Mire’s brood. His success as a tacticial, as well as breeding stock, has kept him alive; many of the Queen’s other mates have not been so lucky. Stats: Couatl Star Serpent - L15 Elite Controller (Leader) (Additionally, Escher has the minor at-will shapechange power of the Wereserpent)


The shape changing reptiles of the Mire transform between human form and large constricting snake. The shape changers vary in level; the higher-level shape changers have mastered the ability of mimicking other humans with their form. Average Stats: Wereserpent - L6 Controller (Leader)

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