The Old GodsEdit

Some things that could once be seen are now clouded in darkness. Great cities now lie in ruin and mountains have crumbled to dust. Such is the fate of all things.

Sometimes, what is immortal can die, too. Do gods die? It is a question that many mortal sages have pondered upon. What few mortals understand is that gods do not "die". Their spark is forever lit, but they are forgotten, or forget the World, or come to be untied from Its destinies. As the kingdom of Allaria had far more ancient roots than the Imperium, its gods were passed down by countless generations' oral traditions, and little more than nothing is known of them in the civilized lands. The traces they left are in the legends of ancient lands, stories of uncivilized cultures, and strange similarities with the crystallized cults of the Imperium.

The following are some that are still remembered to this day.


In addition to the Twelve there are a host of demi-gods, usually mortal heroes who have pleased the gods in some way and joined them in legend as powers in their own right. Some Demi-gods are almost as widely known as the gods themselves, others are known only to a few cultures.

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