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Half-Orc Monk

Li Zhenyu


Li "Zhen" Zhenyu Player garyh
Half-Orc Monk (Lawful Good) Level 1 (XP 0)
Initiative +4
Passive Insight 17 Passive Perception 17; Senses Low-Light Vision
HP 24 Bloodied 12 Surge Value 6; Surges Per-Day 8
AC 18 Fortitude 15 Reflex 15 Will 14
Resist None
Speed 6 Size Medium
Str 18 (+4) Dex 18 (+4) Wis 14 (+2)
Con 12 (+1) Int 10 (+0) Cha 8 (-1)
Racial Abilities Half-Orc Resililence, Swift Charge, Furious Assault
Class Features Monastic Tradition (Stone Fist), Stone Fist Flurry of Blows, Mental Bastion, Unarmed Combatant, Unarmored Defense
Battack Basic Attack Monk Unarmed Strike +7 vs AC, 1d8+4 damage
Branged Ranged Basic Attack Shuriken +7 vs AC, 1d4+4 damage
Feats Unarmored Agility
Skills Athletics +11, Endurance +8, Insight +7, Intimidate +1, Perception +7
Languages Common, Giant
Crane's Wings (At Will Standard Melee touch ✦ Full Discipline, Implement, Psionic) Monk Attack 1
Target: One creature
Attack: +4 vs. Fort
Hit: 1d10+4 damage, and you push the target 1 square.
Special: Movement Technique - Move Action, Personal. Effect: You make an Athletics check to jump with a +5 power bonus. You are considered to have a running start, and the distance of the jump isn't limited by your speed.
Five Storms (At Will Standard Close Burst 1 ✦ Full Discipline, Implement, Psionic) Monk Attack 1
Target: Each enemy in burst you can see
Attack: +4 vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d8+4 damage
Special: Movement Technique - Move Action, Personal. Effect: You shift 2 squares.
Stone Fist Flurry of Blows (At-Will Free (Special) Melee 1 ✦ Psionic) Monk Feature
Target: One creature
Trigger: You hit with an attack during your turn.
Effect: The target takes 7 damage. If the target wasn't targeted by the triggering attack, the target instead takes 9 damage.
Special: You can use this power only once per round.
Furious Assault (Encounter Free Personal ) Half-Orc Racial Power
Trigger: You hit an enemy.
Effect: The attack deals 1(W) extra damage if it's a weapon attack or 1d8 extra damage if it isn't.
Half-Orc Resilience (Encounter Free Personal ) Half-Orc Racial Power
Trigger: You are bloodied for the first time during an encounter.
Effect: You gain 5 temporary hit points.
Rising Storm (Encounter Standard Melee touch ✦ Full Discipline, Implement, Psionic, Thunder) Monk Attack 1
Target: One creature
Attack: +4 vs. Fort
Hit: 2d8+4 thunder damage, and each enemy adjacent to the target takes 4 thunder damage.
Special: Movement Technique - Move Action, Personal. Effect: You fly your speed. If you don't land at the end of this movement, you fall.
Spinning Leopard Maneuver (Daily Standard Melee 1 ✦ Implement, Psionic) Monk Attack 1
Target: One enemy.
Attack: +4 vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d8+4 damage.
Miss: Half damage
Effect: You shift your speed and can make the above attack once during each enemy that you move adjacent to during the shift.

Fluff Edit

Background Edit

Li Zhenyu was found one morning 18 years ago on the doorstep of the monastary at Hu Shan (Tiger Mountain) in the Kingdom of Jade. The only item with him in his basket when human apprentice Li Shaoying (Young Wing Li) found him was a red feather. From this came his name, Li Zhenyu - Red Feather Li, after the mysterious talisman and the one who found him. Rumors abounded over the years among his fellow students about his origins - a shameful bastard of a powerful samurai family, the only child of a dying orc mother, and a child saved from an orc camp by a Jadeite soldier were amongst the more popular tales - but the Masters, if they knew anything, said nothing.

Zhen became a student of the Tian Shi Quan (Heavenly Stone Fist) style taught at Hu Shan, and found a quiet contentment with his life. All he knew was the contemplation of meditation and the repetition of practicing the forms. The routine suited him. The intrigue of the court of the Iron Shogun, the corruption of the Oni, all of this was far away. All there was was Tian Shi Quan.

...until one night shortly after he had come of age. Troubled by strange noises as he slept, he followed the sound to a small meditation room. Peaking in, he saw Master Cang Yan (Blue Flame), the genasi Master of Hu Shan, calmy speaking with what could only be an Oni. Horrified, Zhen immediately snuck out of the monastary with nothing but the clothes on his back and the old red feather he always kept tucked in his belt. He knew this would draw suspicion upon him, as it was forbidden to leave Hu Shan without Master Cang's permission, but he did not know who to trust with what he saw.

Zhen made his way to a small fishing village near Hu Shan and caught the first boat going to the capital of the Kingdom of Jade. There, he boarded the first ship leaving the isle, serving as a sailor to pay his way. That ship deposited him in the harbor of Daunton, and it is here he will begin his quest to gain the skill he needs to return to Hu Shan and face Master Cang.

Note - All Chinese included in this article was arrived at by running words through a translation website. No offensive, embarassing, or other meaning is intended beyond the translation provided above.

Appearance and personality Edit

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 200 lb.
Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Zhen is quiet, respectful, and polite. He had no ambition but to stay at the Hu Shan school he was raised at and master his art, but after he realized the horrors of the world could intrude even there, he has decided that he cannot afford a life of contemplation and practice while others suffer in the world. Thus, he has decided to go forth and right wrongs. He sees this as an opportunity to practice his art against real opposition, while at the same time bringing the world that much closer to perfection. Once all the wrongs are righted - including the wrongs at Hu Shan - he figures he can then return to Hu Shan and live out his days in the quiet contemplation he had anticipated, perhaps as the master of Hu Shan himself.

Needless to say, Zhen is a bit naive.

Adventuring Career Edit

  • None yet.

Companions, Past and Present Edit

A list of fellow adventurers that Zhen has had the pleasure of being companion to (and the players of each), and the adventure(s) which they undertook together.

  • None yet.

Hooks Edit

  • Master Cang Yan may have sent disciples out to find Zhen and bring him back. These disciples may or may not know what Cang is up to, and Zhen realizes that any Hu Shan students he comes across trying to locate him may be involved with the Oni or may just be following Cang's orders.
  • Word could reach him - accurate or not - that Li Shaoying is in trouble. Though raised by the entire clan, Shaoying always remained like a father to the young Zhen.
  • Zhen does not know his parentage, and although he is content to remain ignorant, those who do know his heritage - or claim to - may have other plans.

Kicker Edit

  • Zhen aims to travel the world and acquire enough skill to return to Hu Shan and defeat Master Cang Yan, clean up any other Oni influence, and become Master of Hu Shan himself.

Show Math Edit

Basic Attacks Edit

Attack Type Attrib Attrib Type Class Class Feature Feat Feat Name Equip Equip Name Other Level Total vs ?
Basic Melee +4 Str +3 Monk Unarmed Strike +7 vs AC
OA: Melee +4 Str +3 Monk Unarmed Strike +7 vs AC
Basic Ranged +4 Dex +3 Shuriken +7 vs AC

Senses and Reactions Edit

-- Attrib mod Skill Class Class feature Racial Feat Feat Name Equip Equip Name Level Other Total
Initiative +4 +4
Passive Perception +2 +5 +17
Passive Insight +2 +5 +17

Senses: Low-Light Vision

Health Edit

-- Base Class Con Lvl after 1st Racial Feat Feat Name Equip Equip Name Other Total Blooded Surge
Hit Points 12 12 24 12 6

Surges per day: 8 (7 class, +1 con) - Surge Value: 6 base

Defenses Edit

Saving Throw Attrib Attrib Type Class Racial Feat Feat Name Equip Equip Name Level Other Total
Armor Class +4 Dex +2 +2 Unarmored Agility 18
Fortitude +4 Str +1 15
Reflex +4 Dex +1 15
Will +2 Wis +2 14
Saving Throw bonuses Edit


Speed and movement Edit

Speed: 6 (6 race)

Ability scores Edit

Ability Cost Initial Racial Level Other Final Mod
Str 9 16 +2 18 +4
Con 2 12 12 +1
Dex 9 16 +2 18 +4
Int 0 10 10 +0
Wis 5 14 14 +2
Cha 0 8 8 -1
Totals 25 +10

Racial abilities Edit

  • +2 Str, +2 Dex
  • Speed 6
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Languages: Common, Giant
  • Skill bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Intimidate
  • Half-Orc Resilience
  • Swift Charge (+2 bonus to speed when charging)
  • Furious Assault

Class features Edit

  • Monastic Tradtion (Stone Fist) - Gain Stone Fist Flurry of Blows power and Mental Bastion.
  • Mental Bastion - +1 Will.
  • Unarmed Combatant - Gain proficiency in Monk Unarmed Strike, a +3 proficiency weapon with 1d8 damage. Requires a free hand.
  • Unarmored Defense - +2 AC when in cloth or no armor and not using a shield.

Background benefits Edit

  • Pivotal Event (Escape) - Skill bonuses: +2 Athletics (Dragon 383)

Feats Edit

  • Unarmored Agility (Level 1)

Skills and Languages Edit

Languages: Common, Giant (from race)
Trained skills: Athletics, Endurance, Insight, Perception

Skill Trained Attrib Attrib Type Racial Feat Feat Name Equip Level Other Total
Acrobatics +4 Dex +4
Arcana 0 Int +0
Athletics +5 +4 Str +2 Pivotal Event (Escape) +11
Bluff -1 Cha -1
Diplomacy -1 Cha -1
Dungeoneering +2 Wis +2
Endurance +5 +1 Con +2 +8
Heal +2 Wis +2
History +0 Int +0
Insight +5 +2 Wis +7
Intimidate -1 Cha +2 +1
Nature +2 Wis +2
Perception +5 +2 Wis +7
Religion +0 Int +0
Stealth +4 Dex +4
Streetwise -1 Cha -1
Thievery +4 Dex +4
Totals 4 trained

Powers Edit

Powers Known Edit
  • Half-Orc Racial Power: Furious Assault, Half-Orc Resilience
  • From Level 1:
    • At Will: Crane's Wings (PHB3), Five Storms (PHB3), Stone Fist Flurry of Blows (PHB3)
    • Encounter: Rising Storm (PHB3)
    • Daily: Spinning Leopard Maneuver (PHB3)
Power Attack Bonuses Edit
Power Attrib Attrib Type Feat Feat Name Equip Equip Name Level Other Total vs ?
Crane's Wings +4 Dex +0 Monk Unarmed Strike +4 vs Fortitude
Five Storms +4 Dex +0 Monk Unarmed Strike +4 vs Reflex
Rising Storm +4 Dex +0 Monk Unarmed Strike +4 vs Fortitude
Spinning Leopard Maneuver +4 Dex +0 Monk Unarmed Strike +4 vs Reflex


Item Cost Weight Notes
Shurikens (20) 4 g 2 lb purchased at start
Adventurer's kit 15 g 33 lb purchased at start. Contains backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, belt pouch, 10 days trail rations, 50ft hemp rope, 2 sunrods, waterskin. Items used are crossed out.
Climber's kit 2 g 11 lb purchased at start. Contains grappling hook, hammer, pitons (10). Items used are crossed out.
Potion of Healing 50 g - lb purchased at start.
gold 29 gp

Total weight: 46 lbs.
Carrying capacity: normal load up to 180 lb. Heavy load up to 360 lb.

Tracking Edit

Money Edit

+100g starting gold
  -4g shurikens (20) 
  -2g climber's's kit
 -50g potion of healing
 -15g adventurer's kit

29 gp remaining

Magic Items Edit

None yet.

XP Edit

1,696 XP - "Blight Makes Right," adventure award. Link

Total XP: 1,696 XP

Adventures Edit

None yet.

Wish List Edit

First priority is a magic ki focus. Here are the types I'd go for for levels 2-6.

2 - Cobra Strike Ki Focus +1 (PHB3)

3 - Final Sleep Ki Focus +1 (Dragon 382)

4 - Mighty Strike Ki Focus +1 (PHB3) - Most preferred Ki Focus.

5 - Iron Body Ki Focus +1 (Dragon 382)

6 - Magic Ki Focus +2 (PHB3)

Second priority is magic cloth armor. Here are the types I'd go for for levels 2-6.

2 - Armor of Resistance (Necrotic) +1 (AV)

3 - Stoneskin Armor +1 (AV) - Most preferred Cloth Armor.

4 - Flowform Armor +1 (PHB3)

5 - Bloodthread Armor +1 (PHB)

6 - Summoned Armor +2 (AV)

Third priority is a magic neck item. Here are the types I'd go for for levels 2-6.

2 - Badge of the Berserker +1 (AV2)

3 - Talon Amulet +1 (RPGA Treasure of Talon Pass) - Most preferred Neck Item.

4 - Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1 (AV)

5 - Cape of the Mountebank +1 (AV)

6 - Amulet of Protection +2 (PHB)

Level Up Summary Edit

Level 2 - TBD

Judge Comments Edit

Level 1 Edit

Approval 1 Edit

Approval from renau1g

Approval 2 Edit

Approved by ScorpiusRisk

Status Edit

Approved by renau1g and ScorpiusRisk