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Guide on formatting and general pointers for making the wiki accessible.

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  • The Shifting Seas - An overview of some of the more common geographical features of the setting.
  • Daunton: The Main Isle - The stable island that is the starting point for most adventures and the home of the setting.
  • The Proximate Isles - The closest islands to Daunton, on a clear day within eyesight of the main isle.
  • The Near Lands - islands and continents within a few weeks travel from Daunton.
    • Allaria - The original motherland of Daunton, once the seat of a powerful empire but now mainly filled with ruins overrun with hobgoblins and many other nasties.
  • The Far Lands - Lands too far to be reached by non-magical travel, perhaps even in other planes of existence.
  • Under the Isles - The dark and unexplored world of caves and caverns that exists under the Shifting Seas.

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