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Zal'Ekthees is a demon/Demi-God, worshipped by Slardazial Barthilfast.

" remember reading about him once in a text referencing the kingdom of Jade. He is a demon who rose to be a minor deity and whose portfolio is linked strongly to undeath and the shadowrealms."

"Zal'Ekthees is a demon! He is neither a threat to Lauto, nor is he threatening our role here. He is nothing but a powerful demon playing at godhood, and if we dont stop it now he might eventually gain enough support to ascend."

  • Usual Gender: Male
  • AKA:
  • Favored weapon: “weapon name” weapon type
  • Portfolio:
  • Suggested Channel Divinity Feat:

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Allarian: Zal'Ekthees

Savage Lands:


Kingdom of Jade: Zal'Ekthees

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It is agreed by most Allarian histories that Zal'Ekthees is the son of Lauto but many disagree as to who was his mother.

One school of thought teaches that he was born of Peresefa soon after her marriage to the god of the underworld. But Lauto became jealous of Peresefa's love for the child and so he exiled the it to the Shifting Seas where he would not have to be witness to his bride's doting. During the early summers of Zal'Ekthees' life, his mother would seek him out and spend long months in his company.

During the winters, when his mother was forced to return to Herebos, the god's-child grew angry and resentful of the father that had sent him away, and so he began to plot the downfall of Lauto, hoping to take his sire's place on the throne of Herebos. Peresefa learned of her child's intentions and swore that she would no longer seek him out in the summer.

Another school suggests that Zal'Ekthees is the offspring of Hekates, who tricked Lauto into lying with her by taking the form of Peresefa. The Crone fled secretly and gave birth to a son that she raised to overthrow it's father and his bride so that she could claim Herebos as her own.

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Long Arm of Lauto: Broken WardsEdit

First appeared (offscreen) in Broken Wards as the deity worshipped by Slardazial Barthilfast

Daunton's Dead ShadowEdit

The story of his aspirations to godhood continues in Daunton's Dead Shadow.

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