Vulkar serves as a great creator among the gods, fashioning many weapons and items of import for them. His role as creator is sometimes in dispute, and it is believed by some that he was originally a primordial and was part of the original forming of the world. It is of note that he is the only god known to be lame.

  • Usual Gender: Male
  • AKA: the great maker, the lame god
  • Favoured weapon: “mastermaker” warhammer
  • Portfolio: Dwarfs, smiths, volcanoes, weapons, crafts, torture, insects, artificers
  • Suggested Channel Divinity feat: Moradin's Resolve which is sometimes called Resolve of Vulkar

Names in Other Cultures Edit

Greek: Hephaestus
Roman: Vulcan
Imperial: Eefeystos
Allarian: Vulkar
Savage Lands: Vulastoz
Hzakan: Fastoz

Myths Edit

Weapon SmithEdit

Vulkar has been credited with the creation of many artifacts, but is possibly even more closely associated with the weapons of the gods themselves. Slaving tirelessly over his forge, Vulkar has crafted some of the finest implements of war in the heavens including Joven's "Sky Thunder".

The ObolusEdit

Vulkar forged this black coin out of the soul of a shadow titan, as payment, to Lauto for the return of Joven's weapon "Sky Thunder". Legend has it that Vulkar originally lost the staff after betting with Lauto. The exact details are unclear, and there are many versions of the legend. One claims that Vulkar bet that Lauto that the dwarves could mine more ore than any other race, to which Lauto claimed the warforged as the victor. Another claims that the bet was placed on the creation war between the gods and the primordials. Yet others claim that Vulkar paid with far more than just the Obolus.

The Obolus is said to lay within the Temple to Lauto on Daunton itself, providing a means for the priests there to resurrect individuals for little or no ritual cost to themselves.

The Lame GodEdit

Vulkar is distinct among the gods in that one leg is lame. This is even more evident when the other gods are often depicted as having perfect physical qualities. It is often said, that when Vulkar was just a babe, he fell all the way to earth form the Astral Sea and that's why he appears as so. Others, claim he once angered Maros, after taking too long to forge him a new set of armor. In return Maros chained him to his own forge until he finished. A smaller number claim that Vulkar was once a primordial who switched sides when the gods battled over creation, and was never able to take on a fully god-like form.

In the ImperiumEdit

Eefeystos is the god of Fire and forge. Mostly revered by dwarves, he is often depicted as maimed. A secluded god, dwelling in the Elemental chaos.
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