Aphrodite by InertiaK


Dauntonians associate Vena with fertility of plants and animals as well as with beauty and it's darker counterparts (deception and illusion). The legend of Kythra attributes that islands fecundity of vegetation to the goddess' touch.

  • Usual Gender: Female
  • AKA: the Seducer
  • Favoured weapon: “Heavy Heart” mace
  • Portfolio: love, lust, peace, adultery, razorclaw shifters, chaos
  • Suggested Channel Divinity Feat: Melora's Tide which is sometimes called Health of the Lover

Names in Other Cultures Edit

Greek: Aphrodite
Roman: Venus
Imperial: Aphrodeys
Allarian: Vena
Savage Lands: Veraza
Hzakan: Afraza

Myths Edit

In the Imperium Edit

Goddess of love and passion. Representation of beauty and charm. Also in her hostile aspect, the deity of blinding passion and disorder, and illusions.
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