The Founding Families who lead the battered survivors to settle on Daunton. Centuries ago the families were composed of great heroes, men and women of considerable personal power and, the stories say, impeccable moral character.

Now the families are content to simply be extremely rich, supremely important and looked up to by all. Save for interactions with each other at fantastically impressive private events they hold in their richly appointed estates the Heads of the Families don't interact with the outside world save through servants except four times a year when the Lords council convenes to discuss important matters of state. No one gets to go to these events but everyone hears about it the next day anyway.

Some of the younger members of the families that want a more active life outside of the upper classes get involved with the Politica.

Lady Glasston heads the Glasstons, the only established Founding Family so far. Though, the L'irkash might be able to claim the honour.

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