L4W:Secrets:Xelgonne EnclaveEdit

A few decades ago, in the deepest reaches of illithid society an elder brain came to know a terrible prophecy that would spell doom of its kind: the Liberator of the gith would return. In ancient times the illithids had a grand empire that spanned worlds, but the slaves that came to be known as gith rose against them under the guidance of a legendary figure and the empire was no more. She was the Liberator, the Deliverer.

Though the illithid invasion of central Ea sparked the war, it was not as such a military campaign to begin with and few actual battles were fought when the first kingdoms fell. Like most of their kin, the mind flayers of the powerful Xelgonne Enclave work best when operating from the shadows, enthralling high-ranking subjects and using the influence of their new puppets to reach higher, until finally the effective ruling class is under their firm control. By the time the gith races had arrived in force, the illithids had extended their will over the minor nations of central Ea, gathering their strength to invade the land where it was believed the Liberator would return – the mighty human kingdom of Letheon. The kingdom was conquered only by overt force which the enclave paid for with knowledge of its existence to many of Ea’s courts. At present, the illithids maintain as much façade within their borders as can be mustered without compromising defenses and are believed to have agents throughout the grand island. Though those who now walk within the enclave’s territory may not always see illithids in the streets, the empty looks of city captains and the sightings of enthralled monsters that patrol the wilderness leave no doubt that much is amiss.

The Xelgonne Enclave currently focuses on repelling the endless assaults from all sides, experimental programs to create enhanced battle-thralls (“perfecting the mistake that was the giths”), and infiltrating and corrupting other nations, but most importantly they are searching for the site where the Liberator should return. Some say they are progressing through forgotten trapped tombs under the mountains, others that they are scavenging the endless wild plains. A few whisper that the Liberator has already been captured and is in the progress of being turned into a perfect weapon, while others say she is hidden within Letheon unknowing of her true identity. The central hold of the enclave is believed to be underground somewhere near the ruined royal castle of Letheon, if only by the massive concentration of military strength there. The kingdom has been greatly corrupted over the years, featuring bountiful but poisonous fields fertilized by decerebrated corpses, failed illithid experiments that have escaped, and scorched sites where gith agents have penetrated in force.

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