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The Screamer is a shock-tabloid newspaper that is mysteriously distributed around Daunton on a semi-regular basis filled with stories of fantastic goings on and extraordinary gossip.

Out of character the Screamer is a news source for the Living 4th Edition setting. All members are encouraged to post stories in the forum thread (link above) about recent events, preferably in-character in the form of a colorful anecdote. Suggested articles include: Summaries of recently concluded exciting encounters. Recaps of completed and ongoing adventures. New competitions, arrivals, and adventure openings at the Hanged Man. Significant in-game developments that could potentially impact the setting at large.


Public KnowledgeEdit

Esoteric ArcanaEdit

Lady Glasston on the Screamer:

"It's... a.... Piece of paper of dubious origins that says entirely inappropriate things about people in an entirely inappropriate way. I had the servants bring me one last evening and, frankly, I was disturbed and unable to complete my repast. Frankly, I am quite pleased that it seems to have stopped circulating. ... I don't, precisely, understand why Arnest liked this paper, there are others like it, I have heard it is the best of this sort of trash, but his states were never really sordid before."

Woe Chinua on the Screamer:

“I’ve looked into the Screamer before, back when I was on the city guard roster. A good bit more fun than patrolling streets of the docks and shaking down small-time smugglers. Could have cost me my livelihood, though.” “Supposedly, mayor Bunt once came across what he believed to be reliable information on the author’s hideout. Runners from the guard came door to door, calling in every man and woman interested in earning a month’s pay. So we show up on the scene before dawn, I got my sash on backwards and a headache as if I’ve been hammered by a dwarf, a quick briefing and serge kicks in the door. Nothing. The mayor himself showed up while the building was turned inside out, rambling on about “slow response time” and such to the captain.” “A week later, two men from my squad is in the paper, something about a brothel in the slums. Orc-girl exclusive. Seems the current issue is taking shots at the force, everything from bribery to underage girls. Good thing I was a man of impeccable integrity.”

Involvement in AdventuresEdit

Featured in The Closed Eye

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