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Wesley Moozle, is a human merchant from Daunton partnered with the Merchants of Bacarate. He is a local business man in Daunton. Most of his properties are tenements though he also owns a couple of small shops.

Over the last couple of years, its said that he's made a couple of under the table investments, which apparently have involved the Merchants of Bacarate. He has only started overseeing the changes to the Dauntonian Fine House of Oration within the last few months. He has no love of the theatre and sees his current position as more trouble than it’s worth.

At some point in time he did some disreputable business with the brother of hero Hadrak.

The Merchants of Bacarate recently cut ties with Moozle, and replaced him with Art Director as manager of the Dauntonian Fine House of Oration.

Involvement in Adventures Edit

A Night at the Opera: Wesley was still managing the theatre when the heroes lied, snuck and fought their way in to continue their investigation. After briefly being held hostage by the heroes he ran away when the Gearhouse Gang attacked.

He was later let go by Captain Coppernail for cowardliness and ineptitude.

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