The now deceased villain in Broken Wards, he was an underpriest of the Temple of Lauto in Daunton, who stole an artifact for some necromantic hijinks. He serves Zal'Ekthees.

"The priest was acting alone. His name is Slardazial Verikos Barthilfast, or to his fellow priests Slardy-Bartfast. He is a low level functionary working solely in the Masoleum renewing wards and tending tombs. Expect him to be very well versed in negative and necrotic energies. It also seems likely that he is working for some higher power other then Lauto."

Involvement in AdventuresEdit

Long Arm of Lauto: Broken WardsEdit

Slardazial was the villain in LAoL: Broken wards.

Daunton's Dead ShadowEdit

Daunton's Dead Shadow When first encountered by the party:

Standing at the foot of the stairs, back turned, is what can only be Slardazial. Contrary to his derisive nickname he strikes a rather imposing figure. Standing nigh on 6'5 and of obvious Orcish lineage, Slardazial has two prominent tusks protruding from his mouth. He seems to be addressing the two largest sarcophugi at the far end of the crypt.

"You will all cower in his presence. When the dead walk again they will pave his way in the blood of the living. Zal'Ekthees will return and I will be his exarch upon this plane! With legions of faithful undead, no more shall I weather the prattling of useless sycophants who besmirch me simply because of my lineage."

On his death:

""Slardy do those tusks do anything other then attract female boars?" or "Hey Barf-fast why don't you get out of here before you scare the children!" We'll see how those useless excuses for priests feel when they're blood is the nectar served at my table. "

With a mighty swing of his blade, Grakk seperates Slardazials head from his body. Animated by the negative energy poring from the scepter his body turns and makes a feeble swipe at Grakk, falling short and toppling to the ground as his head comes to rest ten feet away.

As the head slowly spins to a stop, once more it's lips move and you all here his papery voice echo in your ears.

"Thank you for delivering me unto my masster. I will have my vengancce and I will gnaw your bonessss!"

As his voice fades, the shadows pool around his dismembered corpse and clawed hands lunge out of them grabbing Slardazials remains. The claws drag Slardazial down through the floor, vanishing without a trace.

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