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Rinch "the Riser" is a growing menace to the welfare of Daunton. He has been killed twice so far but always rose back from the dead to resume his reign of terror. What had begun as a typical gang of thugs living off extortion with a charismatic leader has become increasingly disturbing in later years. Rinch and his gang have started to deal with zombies and necromancers. Some mysterious property of Rinch's blood allows him to create zombies at an unprecendented pace. Still active in extorsion and burglaries of all kind, the actions of the gang have become bizarre of late.

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Rinch's attempts to create a personal army backfired recently when one of his herd of zombies accidentally broke loose and created havoc in Fisherman's Alley. Loss of life was kept in the single digit only due to the heroism of six bystanders, adventurers who were in the market on various personal errands that day. They sponteneously united and handled the zombie herd. They then relentless pursued Rinch and their effort uncovered that the criminal mastermind had made an alliance of sort with a cult worshipping a fallen godlike figure that a select few know only as 'Usurper'. The nature of this fiend is still unknown, but his cult is steeped in shadowfell lore and provides insane monks and shadowy tentacle monster to Rinch's army. It is unclear at this point who serves whom, but it is obvious that Rinch's gang has motives more sinister than just greed.

6 Eagle Down Edit

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Rinch has recently been slain by nine heroes and his soul prevented from reincarnation through a ritual by a faithful of Apoli. It is unknown for how long he can be kept at bay, but in the short term, Daunton seems to be safe.

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