Millienas D'Rawth is a retired adventurer of some renown. He was an early companion of the Five and, one of Aurelia Carenvale's many paramours. D'Rawth was a rake and a showman, a swordsman and a mage; who's signature move on the battle field involved teleportation.

It's commonly believed that he clashed with both Threehammer (over matters of honor) and Esthanapiros (had difficulty with his swelled ego (a charge that could also be leveled at Esthanapiros himself)) which was what caused him to leave the group.

D'Rawth never adventured again, though he would remain in the public eye for years; he often held soirees for adventurers at the large, rundown manse he purchased in Overgrowth and ran a successful business tutoring lordlings in swordmanship. He was linked by rumor to several satirical plays.

He lost his arm, and apparently was badly scarred, during the ill fated raid against the Brotherhood of the Bright Eon on Mykonos' Sanctuary. It is said that of nearly 100 mercenaries and adventurers who departed for the raid, fewer than 10 survived. In the year since the he's been seen rarely; always wearing a heavy black cloak in public. He no longer takes students.

His stock in Daunton is not good; he was apparently pelted with rotten garbage by a mob and disappeared.

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The Closed EyeEdit

The Closed Eye

D'Rawth was mentioned in passing as a customer who bought the Screamer from Marco at the Dusty Quill.

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