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His parents killed during the Years of Steel (he even appears as a young boy in a recent remake of the play by the same name), the orphaned Mauros was raised by Arga the Black. He grew to manhood under the passionate and dedicated wizardess's tutelage, becoming an energetic young man known for his love of the finer things in life. His mastery of flame brought him fame amongst the Five.

As Mauros grew older, he became quiet and reserved. Some said that it was the strain of the vast arcane powers that he could call upon at will; others, that some terrible knowledge of the future lay upon his brow; and still others, the death of his beloved master. None know for sure. After his death, rumors circled that the Fire Mage had developed an unhealthy fixation on necromancy and the darker arts. Regardless, even in his darkest days he was still popular among the populace and remained famously devoted to his old master, visiting the her memorial statue (in a park at the edge of the city which faces into the interior that she pacified) regularly to cast cantrips and amuse children who lingered there.

Always dressed in the finest red and purple silks, Mauros took care to have his finery fireproofed before wearing it, and for good reason.

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