A half-elf noble from the half ruined city of Allar, head of the struggling city-states that make up the New Allarian League. She is a strong public figure in her own lands, well known for having fair judgement, and for investing wealth in the excavation and reconstruction of the many ruined settlements of the old Allarian Empire.

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The Power of KnowledgeEdit


Madame Ormous became engaged to Daunton's own Ambassador Harry Glasston while he was visiting the New Allarian League to arrange new trade agreements between Daunton and it's motherland.

She arrived with the Ambassador aboard the Siren's Call to take up office as an Ambassador herself. With her she brought gifts of rare fabrics, copies of ancient tomes for the Great Library, and funds with which to build a new temple to Merkari, including a golden statue of the god.

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