Jeronel Threehammer, was a male Dwarven cleric of Maros and unofficial leader of The Five. He hailed originally from the simple town of Mykonos' Sanctuary and was its most famous son. The said to be the bravest of the Five he was always first into a fight; but it was Jeronel's conscience that he is most remembered for and that drove the Five into their most difficult battles. The oldest save for Thayul, he was the group's unofficial spokesman, most famously when he made the infamous bargain that allowed the "Merchants of Bacarte " to take over Bacarte; largely pacifying the island. Mayor Brunt served as a squire of sorts to Jeronel for a number of years; his friends often say that he resembles his dwarven mentor in his focus on "doing the right thing".

Involvement in AdventuresEdit

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