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Hyann is an immigrant from the Isle of Laughing Gallows, one of the few gnolls currently living in Daunton. He is a proud, vain beast, and leads a gang appropriately named "Hyann's Pack". The handful of gnolls in Daunton swear fealty to him, as do various shifters, bugbears, minotaurs, and other bestial humanoids. The more exotic members are dwarfed in number by the mundane, however; most of his gang is of human stock, who are either strong-armed into following along or join up to see the fear in their enemies eyes as they announce their allegiance. Hyann's Pack are little more than glorified street thugs, and random muggings is their main source of income. Hyann is remarkably unsubtle, and tends to order hits rather than negotiate.

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Hyann has recently moved their 'operations' from the inner city to the countryside surrounding Daunton after loosing all but the most loyal of his gang to a new underworld leader known as 'The Lord' that has arisen and unified the street gangs of Daunton under his banner. Rumour has it that Hyann is so scared of this 'Lord' that he simply put his tail between his legs and left the city without a fight.

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