Doddoddod is a wizard, originally from the Isle of O, now living in Daunton. He owns atower in Cobblestop. He is the mentor of Palindrome, once a PC, now deceased.

Doddoddod's tower is an impressive affair. All told there are almost 30 rooms of various sizes, each room as a theme and Doddoddod uses them on a rotating basis informed by his intensive studies of astrology and the fates. The most impressive room is the Golden Hall, in which Doddoddod has spent many hours carefully tuning the acoustics. He claims that he means to hold a concert there when the runes are just right, but observant listeners note that his voice takes on a certain deep, compelling resonance when he sits in his oversized chair...

As an Oan, Doddoddod is a master of ritual magic. There are no servants in his tower. Everything, from the heating of the water for baths to the impressive booming doorbell that rings out when someone touches the knocker on the front door, is accomplished by magic. There are even certain rituals and items in the kitchen that allow the preparation of specific foods.

As an EmployerEdit

Written for Woe Chinua in The Closed Eye:

"All employers have their challenges. Doddoddod is one of those people who likes to have people "around". You always work directly for Dod x3; sometimes you know who his ultimate employer is, sometimes you're not sure. Sometimes he doesn't seem to even have an ultimate employer. He likes it if you give the impression that you're one of his people and that's about it.
The actual jobs and pay vary widely, he doesn't give out gold for free, but he has an inflated sense of the importance of his activities and many of his clients are not excessively concerned with finances so getting your fair pay is never an issue.
You've been asked to turn up, showed up, sat around for outside of a room while a man talks with Dod*3 for fifteen minutes and been sent home with a days wages.
Then there was that time you and Palindrome spent six hours in the sewers...."

Involvement in AdventuresEdit

Featured Heavily in The Closed Eye.

Featured in Love Bites

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