Alred Duger, AKA Blind Al, is a human dagger master with a local gang called the Northtown Knicks. Al likes to think of himself as a Master of Disguise and Manipulation. It is unclear at this time whether Al leads the gang or not, but he obviously holds some kind of power among the members.

Involvement in AdventuresEdit

A Night at the Opera: Al posed as a monk in order to trick the party into rescuing his partner Grabbag, from the Merchants of Bacarat. The party saw through his deception but agreed to help him anyway.

Later when the heroes returned with Grabbag, Daunton's Wererat gang attacked, and Al mistook the party as traitors. During the brawl, the party proved not only their power, but their willingness to put down the enemies of the Knicks. Blind Al paid them for their work and now considers the members allies in Daunton's growing gang wars.

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