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Deceased for many years this wizardess still casts a long shadow as the greatest hero in Daunton's recent memory (except possibly for the Five). Tales of her wit, beauty, charm and fierce warrior spirit have become legends; most scholars doubt that she defeated the Blue Dragon Naxithalis in an areal battle above the city for instance. However, her greatest contribution to Daunton's saftey is indisputably the Great Ritual of Sealing which cut off linkages between Daunton's interior forests and the feywild, ending the bloody humanoid attacks from Savage Land tribes, and bringing piece to the war-torn city almost 50 years ago. She is featured prominently in plays about that era, most famously in the Years of Steel. Her adopted son and student Mauros Esthanapiros was famously devoted to her, visiting the her memorial statue (in a park at the edge of the city which faces into the interior that she pacified) regularly.

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