Created ungendered, Arek was initially a carefree and reckless warforged who ignored the teachings of the older generation of warforged and forsook his racial mission to "protect Allaria". After its life was saved by Aurelia Carenvale, it gamely took up sword and shield, the better to defend Aurelia on their adventures with the Five.

Years of adventuring brought the warforged new wisdom, Arek became passionately dedicated to the kingdom and traditions it scorned, becoming Allaria's most passionate defender. Arek used its wealth and growing prestige to both support traditional Allarian art forms as well as to sponsor expeditions back to the continent. In its later years, the warforged decided it was female, and began a small orphanage set back in the mountains.

Arek was famous, especially in her later years, for her even-going temperament, and practical manner. A whole host of truisms and sayings are attributed to her, many acrophycal.

The Sayings of Arek SteelsheathEdit

"I wish the so-called orthodoxy were so harmless" - said of the Open Brothers

Involvement in AdventuresEdit

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