Patron of the Great Library in Daunton, Mireva's primary aspects are both knowledge and law. Her worshipers, as such are quite diverse, and often choose their deity for very different reasons.

  • Usual Gender: Female
  • AKA: The Great Mentor
  • Favoured weapon: “battlecaller” spear
  • Portfolio: strategy, libraries, eladrins, war, mercy, owls, victory, knowledge, warlords, paladins
  • Suggested Channel Divinity Feat: Ioun's Poise which is sometimes called Mireva's Perspective

Names in Other Cultures Edit

Greek: Athena
Roman: Minerva
Imperial: Palladys
Allarian: Mireva
Savage Lands: Milaka
Hzakan: Palaka

Cults of MirevaEdit

The Open Brothers are considered heretical by the mainstream church. Religiously tolerant Daunton has a small temple dedicated to Mireva called The Temple of Open Hands Eyes and Minds

Myths Edit


At an earlier time in the world the gods were not content to pass the time, in the heavens with their own affairs, nor were they content to rule over their portfolio alone. They looked down upon the world and saw many beasts and men who did not fear or worship them. So they sought out to dominate the world more fully.

The primal spirits were troubled by this. They could feel that the balance of the world was being breached and overrun. They greatest spirits of the sky, dragon, roc, old north wind, and phoenix decided that in order to stop the gods, they would have to stop the sky lord himself, Joven.

However, there was one sky spirit, the wisest of them all who saw that this would only lead to more pain. Who knew that not all battles were to be fought with beak and claw. So owl, one of the smallest of the great spirits, set out to intervene.

As the sky spirits battled Joven, owl circled above, and at just the right moment swooped down. Joven saw the bird, and seeing its size, opened his mouth and swallowed owl whole, thinking he had made quick work of him. Such is not the case with spirits. Instead owl's surged through the great god, sought his own wisdom, and from Joven's divinity sprang forth from the great god's forehead, reborn as Mireva.

Using her great wisdom, Mireva managed to convince the gods and spirits that this was not a battle where any would come out the victor.

  • This myth is often used to explain the gods relative lack of influence over some lands, such as the Kingdom of Jade.

Role of CounselorEdit

450px-Pallas Athene

Statue of Mireva at the Great Library in Daunton

While Mireva is far from the oldest of the gods she is clearly considered the wisest and often called the mentor of the gods. Great heroes, completing monumental tasks are often given guidance by Mireva in legend, though they don't always realize it.

In the Imperium Edit

Palladys is the goddess of wisdom and intelligence, but also tied to wars and protection. One of the most revered deities in the Imperium.

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