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God of war and strength. His weapons and armor are said to be forged by Vulkar himself. He is also sometimes a god that protects athletic competititors, though not necessarily the most honest of the lot. Acts of vengeance that call for blood are often officed with his blessing.

  • Usual Gender: Male
  • AKA: the Hound of War
  • Favoured weapon: “Bloodlust” battleaxe
  • Portfolio: war, weapons, warforged, orcs, halforcs, hate, warlords, fighters, barbarians
  • Suggested Channel Divinity Feat: Kord's Favor which is sometimes called Favored in Battle

Names in Other Cultures Edit

Greek: Ares
Roman: Mars
Imperial: Aressus
Allarian: Maros
Savage Lands: Maraz
Hzakan: Araz

Myths Edit

In the Imperium Edit

ARES GOD OF WAR by rudyao
Mostly tied to the violent aspect of battle, he is said to grant extraordinary acts of prowess to his fathful, only to help their foes immediately after, for he loves the sight of battle, but he loves more that of blood. His weapons and armor are said to be forged by Efeystus himself.

Often revered by: Goblinoids, warriors, assassins, athletes, gladiators, executors

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