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Summary[edit | edit source]

The god of death. Lauto is said to live within a great cube of force. He is the husband of Peresefa.

  • Usual Gender: Male
  • AKA: the Keeper
  • Favoured weapon: “Fatality” greatsword
  • Portfolio: the dead, death, warforged, banks, mining, minerals, loans, hoards, marriage, burials, history, luck, gambling, traps
  • Suggested Channel Divinity Feat: Raven Queen's Blessing which is sometimes called Lauto's Reward (for he is generous with those who fill his coffers with souls)

Names in Other Cultures[edit | edit source]

Greek: Hades
Roman: Pluto
Imperial: Hadeys
Allarian: Lauto
Savage Lands: Hrauto
Hzakan: Hrade

Churches & Cults of Lauto[edit | edit source]

The Chapel of the Oblous[edit | edit source]

This temple is one of the largest and richest in Daunton.

Myths[edit | edit source]

In the Imperium[edit | edit source]


The keeper of the dead. His name is not spoken least it brings misfortune to those who utter it. He is said to dwell and rule in the Shadowlands. He is also the god of merchants, taxation and commerce and games of chance and wagering.
His priests are powerful and usurious but sometimes the only place you can go for a loan of coin when you need it. Coins are placed on the eyes of the dead to pacify him/pay his boatkeeper. He allows the dead to be raised -- they will eventually join the ranks of the dead -- and Hadeys can't resist the chance to be paid twice for the same thing.
Hadeys financial proclivities explain why the dead are often buried with wealth (a better position in the underworld is available to those who can meet his price), why undead are so frequently used to protect tombs (Hadeys believes you have to use your resources to protect your resources); and why such elaborate traps are included on tombs (wealth being a "down payment" on a "good space in the-land-of-the-dead" then the loss of that payment might mean (or people might fear) that the deceased would lose their cushy spot in the afterlife).
Hadeys's love of gambling and chance mean that he's indulgent of tomb-robbers, he loves the oppprotunity to make a good wager (provided their sufficiently respectful of course).

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