Juna is Joven's twin sister, born only a minute later. Determined to outshine her brother she is in some ways his opposite, in others his complement and in every way his equal competitor. She is slightly less powerful, but more focused and dedicated; sometimes fables present her as simplistic. She is the cold determined face of order and justice and often presented as a proud beautiful woman. Her priests are often lawgivers and her church is strongest in cities and urban areas.

  • Usual Gender: Female
  • AKA: Queen of the gods
  • Favoured weapon: “Scales of Justice” flail
  • Portfolio: fertility, goliaths, marriage, laws, rules, home, women, guards, order, balance, coins
  • Suggested Channel Divinity Feat: Sehaine's Reversal which is sometimes called Juna's Reversal

Names in Other Cultures Edit

Greek: Hera
Roman: Juno
Imperial: Erath
Allarian: Juna
Savage Lands: Rana
Hzakan: Rata

Myths Edit

In the Imperium Edit

Bride of Deias, goddess of queens and priestesses. She watches upon the order, both in the family and the State. Keeper of traditions, she's also referred to as the goddess of righteous revenge.

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