Joven is a passionate, stubborn and lusty god; the Kronos' first born and probably the most powerful of the gods. The wind and sky are his elements and storms show his temper. He was more reasoned before the birth of Mireva; a goddess in her own right. Now he is often presented as uncontrollable when his temper rises.
  • Usual Gender: Male
  • AKA: Sky father, the high lord, god of magic, king of the gods
  • Favoured weapon: "Sky Thunder" Quarterstaff
  • Portfolio: Weather, the skies, mountains, pride, hurricane, tornadoes, power, governance
  • Suggested Channel Divinity Feat: Ioun's Poise which is sometimes called Will of the Sky Lord

Names in Other Cultures Edit

Greek: Zeus
Roman: Jupiter
Imperial: Deias
Allarian: Joven
Savage Lands: Deiz
Hzakan: Dez

Myths Edit

In the Imperium Edit

The god of kings. Deias governs the sky, the thunder and lightning. The eagle is his symbol, as it is one of the symbols of the Imperium. He is said to have defeated the Primordials and brought peace to the Cosmos. He also has a somewhat tyrannical and capricious aspect too, and storms are often explained as a manifestation of his anger.

The patriarchal Imperium believe that Erath (Juna) is Deias' wife, passionate but ultimately subordinate to his whims; unable to oppose her husband directly she is forced to engage in petty vendettas against his agents to sooth her anger (not that the mortals it effects aren't deeply effected by them). The Dauntonians see the Joven and Juna differently, as twin brother and sister, equal rulers of the gods and fierce competitors. Juna's actions to impede her brothers agents are part of a reasoned and rational process to limit the greatest excesses of his passions.

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