A cult of mysterious purpose, the Brotherhood of the Bright Eon is best known for its imprisonment of the dwarves of Mykonos' Sanctuary and the dark ritual that blotted out the sun culminating in the death of the Five at the group's destruction.

Origin Edit

The origin of the group is unknown. What little is known comes from stories of escapees of the group's slave camps on the island and Imperial reconnaissance of the monastery's ruins. All that is known is that a few years before the Five's demise, the Bright Eon infiltrated and corrupted the peaceful monks of Mykonos' Sanctuary while enslaving the native dwarven population. This population was set to work preparing for the Eonite's dark rituals.

Public Knowledge Edit

Other than the reports of the dwarven slaves, there is little public knowledge about the Brotherhood. None live that witnessed the battle between them, what they rose from the depths, and the Five. It is assumed that the entity and the cult were both destroyed.

Involvement in Adventures Edit

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