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Apoli is the god of fate and the sun and is central to worship for many people.

  • Usual Gender: Male
  • AKA: the eversplendid one, first dragon slayer
  • Favoured weapon: “Solaris” longsword
  • Portfolio: the sun, the arts, music, days, sanity, oracles, prophecies, swordmages, paladins, dawn
  • Suggested Channel Divinity feat: Pelor's Radiance which they sometimes call Light of the Heavens

Names in Other Cultures Edit

Greek: Apollo
Roman: Apollo
Imperial: Phoebus
Allarian: Apoli
Savage Lands: Apolus
Hzakan: Feabus

Myths Edit

In the ImperiumEdit

God of the Sun and light. Phoebus is said to give mortals the gift of prophecy and foreseeing. In his angered aspect, he is the god of archery and pestilence. He is also said to love music, poetry and art, even beautifully spelled magic. He's the god that saves or damnes in the deserts, and is thought to gift his favored ones with extraordinary eyesight in saving moments. He is referred to as the saver of men from monsters. Usuallly revered by: Archers, bards, poets, wizards, seers, artists in general, hunters of vile monsters
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