The Power of Knowledge A party of adventurers is hired to find some minotaur gladiators from the TURTLEDOME!, and then later to remedy the strange affliction that had rendered them unconscious and wasted their muscles.


DM: Fragsie Judge: twoheadsbarking


  • Andrec, human warlord, played by Tomalak, From 21/01/10 - present
  • Brother Shane, human cleric, played by Tinwe, From 21/11/09 - 22/02/10, MIA
  • Ceryx, deva avenger, played by Mohalloran, From 21/11/09 - present
  • Growl, warforged druid, played by garyh, From 27/11/09 - present
  • Mikara, drow assassin, played by Kalidrev, From 21/11/09 - present
  • Skalisss, dragonborn paladin, played by jryoung, From 21/11/09 - present


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  • Ambassador Glasston, A human, son of Lady Glasston and heir to the founding family's estate, recently returned from a political visit to Allaria.
  • Mr. Pinch - An Oni, Owner of the TURTLEDOME! monster arena.
  • Ned, Ted and Fred - A Skull Lord, Secretary to Mr. Pinch.
  • Tomas Tanson - (DEAD) A gang leader, found up to something in the shrine of Maros. Working for a mysterious figure known simply as the Lord. Brother to Kyvan.
  • The Lord? - Mysterious figure that has supposedly taken control of all the gangs in the Overgrowth, Tomas & Kyvan's boss.
  • Kargh - Leader of the Minotaur Vyadhan (a group of hunters from the savage lands bound in brotherhood that explore the planes).
  • Madame Ormous - A half elf, Ambassador Glasston's new fiancée, and Ambassador for the New Allarian League.


  • TURTLEDOME! - A giant turtle with an arena on it's back settled in Daunton's harbour.
  • The Overgrowth - A district of Daunton that is rife with crime and poverty
  • Shrine of Maraz - A forgotten savage lands shrine to their interpretation of Maros, recently unearthed in the Overgrowth.
  • The Chapel of the Obolus - Dedicated to Lauto and the largest temple in Daunton. Site of a makeshift infirmary for the victims of the Lord's machinations.



Game MechanicsEdit


  • Major Quest: Return the Minotaurs to TURTLEDOME! - 700*2 = 1400 / 6 = 233 xp each; 2 xp remaining
  • Minor Quest: Find the missing orphans and take them to the Temple of Lauto. - 60 xp per child = 240 / 5 = 48 xp each (none for Brother Shane)



  • 2 x Healing Potions awarded here
  • 73gp, 20sp & a spiked chain awarded here (lvl 1 parcel 9)
  • 400gp, Shadowdance Leather Armour +1 & Holy Healer's Mace +1 awarded here

Experience AwardsEdit

  • Skill Challenge S2: Crowd Corral (lvl 1) - Total Victory 500*2 = 1,000 / 5 = 200 xp each (none for Andrec)
  • Skill Challenge S1: Find the Shrine of Maros (lvl 2) - Total Victory 800*2 = 1,600 / 5 = 320 xp each (none for Andrec)
  • Encounter 1: The Forgotten Shrine (Lvl 4) - 1,061*2 = 2,122 / 5 = 424 xp each (none for Andrec) 2 xp remaining.
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