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Alyn Highmark Player TheUltramark
Human Rogue (unaligned) Level 1 (XP 0)
Initiative +9
Passive Insight 10 Passive Perception 15; Senses 0
HP 22 Bloodied 11 Surge Value 5; Surges Per-Day 6
AC 15 Fortitude 13 Reflex 18 Will 11
Saving Throws +0
Speed 6, special movement= 0 Size Medium
Str 14 (+2) Dex 20 (+5) Wis 10 (+0)
Con 10 (+0) Int 9 (-1) Cha 13 (+1)
Racial Abilities Bonus Feat, Bonus Skill, Bonus At-Will Power, Human Defense Bonus
Class Features First Strike, Rogue Tactics: Cunning Sneak, Rogue Weapon Talent, Sneak Attack
Battack Basic Attack Dagger +6 vs AC 1d4+2, Short Sword +5 vs AC 1d6+2
Branged Ranged Basic Attack Shurikin +8 vs AC 1d6+5, Dagger +9 vs AC 1d4 +5
Feats Backstabber, Improved initiative
Skills Acrobatics(trained) +10, Arcana -1, Athletics(trained) +7, Bluff(trained) +6, Diplomacy +1, Endurance +0, Heal +0, History -1, Insight +0, Intimidate +1, Nature +0, Perception(trained) +5, Religion -1, Stealth(trained) +10, Streetwise(trained) +6, Thievery(trained) +10
Languages common, elven
Duelist's Flurry (At Will Standard Melee ✦ Martial, Weapon)
Requirement: must be wielding a light blade
Target: one creature
Trigger: 0
Attack: +8 vs AC
Weapon: +9 with Dagger
Hit: 5 + Slide target one square + shift one square + sneak attack damage with or without combat advantage total damage 2d8+5
Acrobatic Strike (At Will Standard Melee ✦ Martial, Weapon) Class
Requirement: Must be trained in Acrobatics and using a light blade
Target: one creature
Attack: +8 vs AC (+9 with dagger)
Hit: 1d6+5(1d4+5 with dagger) + if Alyn is grabbed, Alyn escapes the grab
Effect: before or after attack slide one square
Deft Strike (At Will Standard Melee or Ranged ✦ Martial, Weapon) Class]
Requirement: must be weilding crossbow, light blade, or sling
Target: one creature
Attack: +8 vs AC (+9 w/ dagger)
Hit: 1d6+5(1d4+5 with dagger)
Special: Alyn may move two squares before making attack
Dazing Strike (Encounter Standard Melee ✦ Matrial, Weapon) class
Requirement: must be weilding a light blade
Target: one creature
Attack: +8 vs AC (+9 w/ dagger)
Hit: 1d6+5(1d4+5 with dagger)
Effect: target is dazed until end of Alyn's next turn
Trick Strike (Daily Standard Melee or Ranged ✦ Martial, Weapon) class
Requirement: must be weilding a crossbow, light blade, or sling
Target: one creature
Attack: +8 vs AC (+9 w/ dagger)
Hit: 3d6+5(3d4+5 with dagger) + Slide target one square
Effect: Until the End of encounter, every time Alyn hits the target, slide it one square


Description:Alyn is the 4th child of 6 born to Jaro and Delilah Highmark. Owner/Operators of a lucrative fishing company. Alyn stands right at six foot tall, and is a thin, corded two hundred and ten pounds. Like his mother, he has a head of thick dark hair, which streaks of red at the end of the long summer. Alyn has no discerable features, markings, or jewlery, save for a family crested ring which he rarely wears out in public, except for the few functions he is required to attend. Alyn looks like anyone else, which used to bother now, but now, serves his new ends nicely

Background:Alyn Highmark resents his station in life, and his place in his own house. The socialite Highmarks are very proud of their eldest child, Alyn's sister Terra. A math and business savant, she has all but taken over the books of the family business, and things haven't looked better financially. Alyn's two older brothers, Marko and Zane are both expert fisherman, and have that side of the business covered nicely. Those three dominate Jaro's affections as much as the two babies have his mother, Delilah under their thumbs. Meg and Lianna, twin girls, are the tawk of the social circle because of their looks, at age ten, now, they are all Alyn's mother can seem to talk about. Growing up in high society with every comfort a kid could want did not suit Alyn. He was terrible at his studies, and maybe even worse at fishing. Even worse still, in Alyn's mind, nobody seemed to care. The elite of the social circles did little boost Alyn's morale, seeing how opulent the rich lived, how much in excess, he always wondered what it would be like to an adventurer, to be a hero like the five, but alas, it was the boats, or the docks, or worse still...the fish waiting for him. Until one day he met a new firend...a man who said he "worked" for the Sharks, a small but up and coming guild of pick pockets and confidence men.

Hooks:Knowing thrills like he has never before, Alyn plays his new game as perfect as can be. A high society socialite son of a rick well to do family one minute, a thief in a gang the next. Still burning in the back of his mind though, the life of an adventurer. Why couldn't he? He was good with a knife and especially intuitive when it came to sneaking around...

Kicker:"I'll just go stop by the Hanged Man inn sometime...see what I can see....."



Str 5 14 0 0 14 2
Con 0 10 0 0 10 0
Dex 16 18 2 0 20 5
Int 1 9 0 0 9 -1
Wis 0 10 0 0 10 0
Cha 3 13 0 0 13 1
Totals 25   7


DefenseAttribAttrib TypeClassRacialFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotal
Armor Class +5/-1 dex/int +2 Leather Armor 0 17
Fortitude+4/0str/con+10 15
Reflex+5/-1dex/int+2+1 0 18
Will0/+1wis/cha+1 0 12


HP=22 = 12(rogue start) +10(con score)

Saving ThrowsEdit


Basic Attacks
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
Basic Melee


str +3short sword05AC
Basic Ranged




Initiative +9 = +5 dex mod +4 improved initiative feat


Power To-Hit
Attack TypeAttribAttrib TypeClassClass FeatureFeatFeat NameEquipEquip NameMiscMisc NameLevelTotalvs?
Duelist Flurry +5 dex 0 0 +3 short sword prof. 0 8 ac
Acrobatic Strike +5 dex 0 0 +3 short sword prof. 0 8 ac
Deft Strike +5 dex 0 0 +3 short sword prof. 0 0 8 ac
Dazing Strike +5 dex 0 0 +3 short sword prof. 0 0 8 ac
Trick Strike +5 dex 0 0 +3 short sword prof. 0 0 8 ac

Class Features Edit

FIRST STRIKE - gain combat advantage vs any foe that hasn't acted yet rogue tactic CUNNING SNEAK - no penalty to stealth checks for moving, -5 instead of -10 to stealth while running, If I end my turn at least 3 spaces from where I started, i can make a stealth check to become hidden if I have any cover or concealment ROGUE WEAPON TALENT - Shuriken damage increase one size, +1 to dagger attacks

Racial Features Edit

Bonus +2 to any attribute (DEX) One additional skill One additional Feat One additional At Will Power

Skills Edit

trained: Athletics, Acrobatics, Streetwise, Bluff + Stealth, Thievery

Feats Edit

Improved Initiative +4 to initiative Backstabber use 2d8 for sneak attack damage

Regional BenefitsEdit


Equipment Name Price Weight
Leather Armor Cost:found 8lb
Your Weapon: Short Sword Cost: 10gp 2lb
Your Weapon: Dagger Cost: 1gp 1lb
Your Weapon: Shuriken (10) Cost: .2gp .1lb
Thieves Tools Cost: 20gp 1lb
Standard Adventurer's Kit 15gp 33lbs
etc Cost Weight
etc Cost Weight

Judge Comments Edit

Level 1 Edit

Approval 1 Edit

Approval from TwoHeadsBarking:

  • Math: I would suggest that you eventually switch over to using the tables, as it will make checking your math a lot easier as your character levels up and becomes more complex. Your choice though.
  • Math->Powers: This is very hard to read.
  • Equipment: I recommend buying some armor.
  • Equipment: You should keep track of how much money you have.

Minor issues, so approved.

Approval 2 Edit

Status Edit

Not approved for level 1

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